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  "LifeLook is a program for everybody. Anyone can profit from its use..."
  "It is a model of your life, which you can observe from a distance..."
  "It allowed me to witness my unconscious at work..."
  "It was difficult for me to think of quite so many life events, especially in the future..." 
  "I like the idea of me being a goal setter..."
  "It is a car on which you can go around the nearest corner of your psychological reality..."
  "It made me think about where I am in my life both emotionally and mentally..."

  "It really made me think of where I want to be..."

And more...

"As a Student of the literature on Post Traumatic Stress Disorders, I found your work on the Chernobyl disaster most enlightening and have shared it with my Senior Seminar Students. Their response was most positive and so we thank you for this excellent contribution."

H. Keith H. Brodie, M.D.
James B. Duke Professor of Psychiatry and Professor of Law
President Emeritus, Duke University
Former President, American Psychiatric Association

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