LifeLook® Academic Edition

This edition allows you to create and view demonstrations that show the process
of the user’s analysis in real time.

It includes all procedures and features from the Personal Edition

• Five year periods, check your psychological age
• Events, start a voyage in your past and journey to your future
• Dates, compose your timeline
• Spheres, define your priorities
• Colors, express your feelings
• Goals, audit your intentions
• Minutes, measure the speed of your psychological time
• Causes, search your own karma
• Significances, find how wise you are
• LifeMap, reveal the plot of your life
• Personality Portrait, know yourself or change yourself


• Demo Viewer
• Demo Maker
• Database selection
• Database creation

LifeLook® Academic will be a helpful educational tool for students in mental health professions like psychology, psychiatry, counseling, and social work.

Available with workshop in our office or at your location.

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