TOCAP to Feel Better

TOCAP means Time-Oriented Computer-Assisted Psychotherapy which was introduced by Dr. A. Kronik and his associates in 1990s. It may help you to map out your life in new, more meaningful ways, cope with life stresses, and be prepared for new challenges.

First step: check your psychological age now

The easiest One-Two-Three self-assessment test is the following:

If the total substance of your past, present, and future is considered to be 100%,
then what fraction would you allot to the substance you have already experienced?
Type in your answer as a percentage from 1 to 100:
This is the index of your subjective life realization, R.

2. What age do you expect to live to?
Type in your answer in number of years:

This is the index of your subjective longevity, L.
3. Find out your psychological age, PA.
Press . Your psychological age is: years.
  The optimal value is when your psychological age corresponds most closely with your
chronological age (CA). When the gap between PA and CA is more than five years, you may
suffer from the feelings of lack of fulfillment (PA < CA) or lack of future prospects (PA > CA).
You can check psychological age more accurately using an online test LifeLook® Glimpse.
Second step: tune your psychological clock in LifeLook Clinic

During a few computer-assisted sessions you will:
Analyze the most important events of your past, present, and future from different
points of view.
Recieve a textual printout of your personality profile and a Life Map - a graphic display of
the top moments in your life.
Understand more precisely the unique influence of each event and be better able to
understand your potential.
At this point you will be able to make changes in the way you feel, perceive and behave in
certain areas of your life, and to balance your psychological and chronological age.

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